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10 October 2013: After a rather long absence, I have started fixing some of the coding problems on the site. This is a work in progress that will only proceed as time allows, but you are welcome to let me know of any issues. Hopefully I will be able to add some photos some time in future (within the next year or so!)

31 October 2011: I have just returned from my latest visit to Kgalagadi, which was as exciting and rewarding as always. A small selection of photos can be found here.

26 October 2010: I have recoded the site's menu system to be more compatible with the latest browsers. Previously some browsers displayed the site with a white background and obviously incorrect formatting. Please let me know if the problem has not been solved.

21 September 2009: I've just returned from what has become an almost annual visit to to the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park, straddling the border between South Africa and Botswana. It is one of the last places where you can have a real wilderness experience on your own, staying in unfenced campgrounds without any rangers or guides. On this visit we had lions in our camp on 4 out of 6 nights. If having lions sniffing around your tent is not quite your "thing", there are also a number of traditional fenced rest camps. A small gallery with photos from this trip van be found here. See the African Wildlife section of the site for links to galleries from previous visits and for a further discussion on this and other South African National Parks.

15 September 2008: During August my wife and I completed a horse riding trip across the Namib desert in Namibia. A few pics from this trip are now online. They were taken with an ancient digital pocket camera which is somewhat the worse for wear as I fell on it during an earlier ride - so don't expect too much!

Other news is that I've published a book with some of my photos via Blurb, an "on demand" book publisher. (This means that they print single copies as they are ordered.) You can have a look at the first 15 pages via the link below.

Nature Travels Emile Wessels
Nature Travels...
By Emile Wessels
Book Preview
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7 July 2008: I have recently returned from a trip to South Africa's Kruger National Park. A gallery with photos from the trip, including White rhino, African Wild Dogs, Cheetah, and some very cute lion cubs, is now online. The flash-based version (recommended!) can be found here and a normal html version here. These galleries form part of the African Wildlife section of the site.

5 April 2008: I have just returned from a 3 week trip to the Kalahari. A new gallery with photos from this trip is now online in the African Wildlife section of the site. Only a Flash based version of the gallery is available currently - please let me know if this causes problems for you.

The photo gallery from my 2007 trip to Alaska and Canada's Hudson Bay can be found here and I have written a short article on the trip. The purpose of the trip was mostly to photograph grizzly bears and polar bears. The gallery forms part of the North America section of the site.

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About this site

This website mostly consist of photo galleries. The first gallery consists of photos of African Wildlife and includes lions, leopards, gemsbok (oryx), Springbok, hyena cubs, nyala, giraffe, Cape Cobra snake, Impala, and jackal. Birds such as owls, eagle, and secretary bird are also included, as are ground squirrels. Most of the photos were taken in the Greater Kruger National Park, the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park, and the Cedarberg Wilderness Area. Strictly speaking, not all the photos are of wildlife, but I do not have a gallery for rocks, so there it is...

The Antarctica Gallery includes Antarctic landscapes, icebergs and glaciers as well as Weddell Seals and a Leopard seal. Various birds, especially Chinstrap penguins, Gentoo penguin and Adelie penguin also feature prominently.

There is also a gallery with a number of landscape and wildlife photos from North America that were mostly taken in Alaska and Canada, although a separate mini gallery includes a few that were taken in Wyoming and Montana. Grizzly bears fishing for salmon and a few polar bears dominate the latest North America gallery.

Apart from the galleries there is also a travel report on a dogsledding (mushing) holiday in Alaska, some thoughts on horse photography on the Horses page, and a links page.

Some of the photographs on this site are available for sale as stock photos, via the stock photo agency Alamy. Alternatively you can send me a mail if you want to licence them, or purchase prints (up to A2 size) of any of the photos.

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