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The Luminous Landscape is an ad-free dedicated photography site of more than 2500 pages maintained by Michael Reichmann. He writes most of the articles on the site himself, but there are also contributions by other professionals. The Photos in the Antarctica Gallery were taken on a workshop hosted by him.

Stephen Johnson was one of the instructors on the Antarctica workshop. He is especially well-known for his incredibly high resolution landscapes taken with a scanning back camera, as well as his Digital National Parks project.

Bob Atkins writes very useful and balanced articles on a wide range of photographic topics. (Finding a balanced view on the web is not always that easy.) Bob takes into account that not everyone can afford professional equipment and that good results can be had with more "amateur" equipment. He is also free of unreasonable brand bias.

For detailed technical reviews of digital cameras go to dpreview.com.

More information on National Parks in South Africa, where many of the photos on this site were taken, can be found at www.sanparks.org.

Now for a few more contentious links:

Photographing nature and wildlife around the world has confirmed to me that the classical evolution theory's reliance on coincidence requires an unacceptable leap of faith. Luckily there is an alternative theory that Dean Kenyon calls “far more intellectually satisfying” - that of intelligent design.

Note: In 1969 Dean Kenyon co-authored a book in defense of evolution. However, mounting scientific evidence (including DNA research) and an honest examination of the arguments prompted him to question his previously held views:

“…the more I thought about the alternative that was being presented in the criticism… and the enormous problem that all of us in this field had neglected to address (the problem of the origin of genetic information, itself)… then I really had to reassess my whole position regarding origins.”

A fuller account of some of the evidence pointing to intelligent design, including interviews with Kenyon and others can be found in Unlocking the Mystery of Life.

Although the theory of intelligent design is not religious it does have religious implications. It is my personal belief that the Intelligent Designer of the universe is the Christian God. For a look at the issue from a Christian perspective see Answers in Genesis or Creationontheweb.com. In my view many of the problems being experienced in the world are caused by people ignoring the Designer's Manual. For guidance in finding a solution in your life visit www.jesussaves.co.za.

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